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About Perimeter Village Eye Care

Welcome to Perimeter Village Eye Care, where your family’s vision feels right at home. With 10 years of heart-filled experience, we see beyond just eyes. Whether it’s an eye exam for all ages, expert disease diagnosis and management, or the perfect fit for your first pair of contact lenses, we’re here for you. Experience eye care that feels like family.

Our Reviews

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. Read firsthand experiences from individuals who entrusted us with their vision. 


"I received a thorough eye exam, and she explained everything in detail."

Priya Patel
Google Reviewer


Best eye exam I’ve ever had. I just planned to pop in really quickly for a new contact lens prescription. Dr. Trivedi was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. Will be back in the future and send others!

Adrienne Pak
Google Reviewer


Dr. Trivedi and her team are so kind and awesome! I am so happy to have found them. I will be bringing my fiancé back to get his eye exams 🙂

Ariel Turner
Google Reviewer


I came to get an annual vision check. Dr. Trivedi was very friendly and informative. Will be coming again to get new glasses in the future.

Emmanuel Zarate
Google Reviewer


As a professional who depends on vision for my work , I have had several visits across multiple providers. Meha is by far the best I have interacted with - including assisting me in managing a corneal abrasion for our little one. In time of lots of “healthing” and little “caring” as part of healthcare , I cannot recommend Meha enough for your next visit. I know my family and myself will be be back..

Judy Wawira
Google Reviewer

Dr. Meha Trivedi

A proud Atlanta native, received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and Doctorate in Optometry from Southern College of Optometry.. Her journey in optometry took her to Central California, where she honed her skills through a residency at a VA hospital. Following this, Dr. Trivedi practiced for several years in San Francisco before return to Atlanta in 2018. Beyond prescribing glasses and contact lenses, Dr. Trivedi has a keen interest in addressing various eye-related concerns, including eye infections, dry eye syndrome, computer vision syndrome, and keratoconus, ensuring comprehensive eye care for her patients.

Our Eye Care Services

Elevate your eye health with our Comprehensive Eye Exams. Our advanced diagnostics and experienced optometrists ensure a thorough assessment, providing personalized recommendations for your vision needs.

Tailored solutions for clear vision await those dealing with presbyopia and astigmatism. Let our dedicated team recommend personalized options, from prescription lenses to contact lenses, enhancing both comfort and clarity.

Experience clear vision and comfort with our specialized Contact Lens Exams. Our experts assess your eye health and lifestyle, offering precise recommendations for the perfect contact lens fit throughout your day.

Find quick and effective relief for red or pink eyes at our clinic. Our experienced team is here to address discomfort promptly and provide the care needed to restore your eyes to their best condition.

Safeguard your vision with our comprehensive screening and management for ocular diseases. Early detection and personalized care are key in addressing conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Embark on a glasses-free journey with LASIK, guided by our LASIK Refractive Co-Management services. Our collaboration with trusted surgeons ensures a seamless process, bringing you closer to the clarity of vision you desire.

Navigate cataract care with our comprehensive support services. From evaluation to post-operative care, trust us to guide you through the process, helping you regain clear vision and an improved quality of life.

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